Company Profile
      Taizhou Toni Tina Cosmetics Co. Ltd, is a specialized production of hydrophilic PU cotton puff, female cosmetics nursing auxiliary equipment business, production base area of more than 8000 square meters, has a high-quality R & D personnel as well as a series of advanced equipment, equipment of all German original import, fully automated production lines, production control process strictly, ensure product safety, sanitation, health and non pollution environmental protection products. The company has specialized in product research and development laboratory, also has a high level in the industry, the product is applicable to many industries, service from R & D, production and sales through-train, own brand, and exported abroad, especially by customers in North America, Europe, Japan and the Middle East, development and according to market and customer needs for new products, the products according to the customer’s needs can produce different shapes, different shapes of the products on the makeup is conducive to better and more uniform, and to undertake OEM projects and export orders. The company was founded in February 27, 2017, headquartered in Zhejiang, the coastal city of Taizhou, located near Jiaojiang bridge, the traffic is very convenient, welcome new and old customers to visit!